Monday 20 August 2018

Top 10 Features Of Galaxy Note 9

Galaxy Note 9

Samsung finally released its latest Galaxy Note 9 of Note series.

There are 10 important features you should know about Note 9:

1. Charge ahead with the most powerful battery yet

With a battery that charges faster and lasts longer, the Note9 is up for whatever you are. Whether you’ve got back-to-back meetings or you’re heading off on an adventure without a socket in sight, the Note9 can keep up with you. Less down-time waiting for your device to catch up and a long-lasting battery that will help you power through.

2. Store everything you want, delete less of what you love

Nobody wants to miss out on a great shot because their device memory is full. And where do you start in deciding what to delete to free up space? Thanks to the choice of a huge 128GB or 512GB of storage, you can snap away on the Note9 with no worries. From selfies, to eBooks to chunky 4K videos, store it all safe and sound without having to delete any of your favourites. You can even top it up with additional external memory* cards to ensure you'll never run out of room again.

3. Download or upload quicker than ever before

Internet speeds are getting faster all the time, but you won't benefit from it if your device can't handle it. That’s why the Note9 has a cutting-edge processor that was built to thrive off speedy connections. Download a huge presentation or upload a high-resolution video without having to wait around staring at spinning wheels.

4. Take perfect shots any time, in any light

When you spot a great photo op, you don’t want anything to ruin it. Worried about poor lighting? Worry no more. The Note9 has Dual Aperture which adapts like the human eye to give you crystal clear pics day or night - from a dazzling bright beach to a dark atmospheric bar. Or prone to blinking? No problem. Flaw Detection will give you a heads up to imperfections, including closed eyes or blurring, so you can take another shot before the moment’s lost. Focus purely on your subject and frame it beautifully with bokeh blur in the background and foreground.

5. Shoot with a camera that sees your vision

The Note9 doesn’t just capture scenes, it sees them. Its built-in Intelligent Camera detects your surroundings and adjusts settings accordingly. So whether you’re shooting a dark sunset on the horizon or a bright portrait close up, you’ll always snap perfectly balanced and detailed shots that are worthy of a professional.

6. Write, shoot or present with just a click

The redesigned, Bluetooth enabled S Pen is the ultimate extension of you, so you can use it to take photos from up to 10m away with a simple click for perfectly posed, fullbody selfies.Or impress in the boardroom and give a presentation on your device using the S Pen as a sleek slide clicker. And when inspiration strikes, you can scribble down any thoughts or sketches instantly with the Screen Off Memo feature.

7. Enjoy limitless entertainment on an Infinity Display

Lose yourself in a large 6.4” screen with absolutely nothing to interrupt your view. If you’re into movie marathons or boxset binges, the Infinity Display was made for you. Plus, it’s easier to multi-task between tabs, split the screen of fully focus on an important presentation. The possibilities are infinite.

8. Keep what matters safe and sound

When you can achieve so much on the Note9 you’ll want to ensure everything on it is secure. Thanks to Samsung Knox, which meets the industry’s toughest security requirements, you’ve got total peace of mind that all your personal data is kept private. Plus, you can even lock specific sections of your device - perfect for managing work and play files separately.

9. Unlock top notch security features

You can choose to unlock your device in a way that’s completely unique to you. Opt for a quick and simple tap of your finger with the Fingerprint Scanner. Choose to keep your device for your eyes only and secure your device using the Iris Scanner. Or make security as simple as taking a selfie and unlock the Note9 with futuristic Face Recognition technology. When you’re the key, you can rest assured that all your files are safe.

10. Power up a desktop in the palm of your hand

No matter how much your phone can do, sometimes you just need a PC to get the job done. That’s why the Note9 can be transformed to power a desktop like experience. With jus a single cable you can connect your Note9 to a monitor, Bluetooth keyboard and mouse* - perfect for typing up and reviewing documents or even responding to your phone notifications on the big screen.



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