Thursday 20 October 2016

A stressful job blessings for your health

job stress

Latest research shows that a stressful jobs can be a good sign for your health.

Experts say workers in stressful jobs are a third less likely to die than those with easier roles - but only if the worker is in control of their own workflow.

Researchers tracked thousands of workers in their sixties from 2004 and found that, seven years later, those who had freedom and control in their high-stress role were 34 per cent less likely to have died than those in less stressful careers.

However, the study also found that those who have high-stress jobs with little freedom to make their own decisions were the most likely to be unhealthy and die earlier.

Erik Gonzalez-Mulé, the paper’s lead author, said: "These findings suggest that stressful jobs have clear negative consequences for employee health when paired with low freedom in decision-making, while stressful jobs can actually be beneficial to employee health if also paired with freedom in decision-making."

He added that not having control in a demanding job can lead people to eating or smoking more in order to cope.

"When you don’t have the necessary resources to deal with a demanding job, you do this other stuff," he said. "You might eat more, you might smoke, you might engage in some of these things to cope with it."

Cancer was the leading cause of death for those tracked as part of the study, which was conducted by the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University.

More than half of the deaths were caused by cancer, while 22 per cent were the result of circulatory system problems - such as heart failure - and eight per cent were due to issues with the respiratory system.

Mr Gonzalez-Mulé said the results showed how restructuring jobs to give more control to employees could be beneficial to a business and its employees.

"You can avoid the negative health consequences if you allow them to set their own goals, set their own schedules, prioritise their decision-making and the like," he said.

"Stressful jobs cause you to find ways to problem-solve and work through ways to get the work done.

"A stressful job then, instead of being something debilitating, can be something that’s energising.

"You are able to set your own goals, you are able to prioritise work. You can go about deciding how you are going to get it done. That stress then becomes something you enjoy."



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