Friday 21 October 2016

Apple may include USB type C for Macbook Pro 2016

Macbook Pro 2016

Apple may include USB type C for its upcoming version of Macbook Pro 2016.

Rumours are suggesting the US tech giant will lift the lid on their new laptops at a major event on October 27th.

This date would make sense as it will come one day after Microsoft reveals more about its new hardware, which could include an updated Surface Book and Surface Pro 4.

Apple hasn't given its MacBook Pro or MacBook Air a major redesign since 2012 and it's certainly due a new look and features.

Apple has already shown this can work on its super-skinny MacBook.

But, with the MacBook Pro being aimed at the power user, losing the standard USB port could be more of an issue.

Other changes that could appear include a slimmer aluminium design, larger ForceTouch trackpad and OLED touchscreen display bar.

This clever concept is expected to replace the traditional row of function keys that run along the top of the keyboard.

It's thought the OLED bar will adapt and change to what it happening on-screen.

For example, the touchscreen might let you quickly scrub through video with the swipe of a finger if you're watching a movie in iTunes.

Laptop users could potentially add their own custom shortcuts and frequently-used apps to the screen.

Apple could also be planning to feature a fingerprint scanner on the MacBook Pro.

This would allow users to access the laptop without the need for a password.

Alongside the MacBook Pro fans of the brand may also see a new MacBook Air and refreshed iPad Pro.

It's been suggested that Apple could reveal three new iPad models within the next few months.

This would include its biggest iPad builds yet, including a refreshed iPad Pro targeting creatives and more professional users and an unexpected return for the iPad mini line.



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