Saturday 22 October 2016

Apple says majority of its chargers are fake on Amazon

Apple Charger

Apple has claimed that more than 90% of the chargers and cables it has bought on Amazon are fake.

It comes after the tech giant filed a federal lawsuit against a New Jersey company over what it claims are counterfeit products sold on the website.

In the lawsuit, Apple says Mobile Star imprinted Apple logos on cables and chargers that 'pose a significant risk of overheating, fire, and electrical shock'.

It says the chargers and cables were being sold on Amazon as genuine Apple products.

Apple says it purchased the products on Amazon and later told the online retailer that they were fake. Amazon then identified Mobile Star as the source.

Court documents read: 'Apple purchased the power products identified below from and determined that they were counterfeit,' it said in court documents.

'Apple was informed by, and upon that basis is informed and believes, that Mobile Star was the source of those particular counterfeit power products purchased by Apple.'

Amazon isn't named in the suit, but said in a statement that it has 'zero tolerance' for counterfeiters on its site and that it pursues 'wrongdoers' aggressively.



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