Monday 24 October 2016

Bisexual men to earn less than other colleagues


Bisexual men are paid on an average 30% less than their heterosexual and gay counterparts, a study has shown.

The study also revealed that gay men and lesbians earn the same as heterosexuals, as do bisexual women.

Data gained from historical earnings of 20,000 employees in 2000 different work places in Britain revealed that gross hourly earning of bisexual men was £9.39, whilst heterosexual men earn £12.30 and gay men earn £13.33.

The study also found that per hour lesbians earn £9.87, and heterosexual women earn £9.97. Bisexual females earn £9.58.

When looking at the figures and analysing earning from similar careers Alex Bryson, the studies author, found that the average hourly earnings for bisexual men was 20% less than heterosexual men.

Gay meant earned 5% less than heterosexual men, but lesbians were paid nearly 30% less than heterosexual women if not employed in a workplace with an equal opportunities policy.

The survey analysed 312 gay men and lesbians, 118 bisexual people, 18,635 heterosexuals and 986 people who declined to identify their sexuality.

Bryson said conceded that the study "raised as many questions as it answered," because it could not prove whether employees were discriminatory as it did not determine whether employers knew the sexuality of employees.

Bryson said: "This is a call to get other people out there to do more research on this and see what they find."



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