Monday, 10 October 2016

Get Wi-Fi Passwords from airports with an app


You're like to board into plane within the next 15, 30, 45 or even 60 minute. But it is always necessary to provide this information to your dearest one that you're boarding soon.

While you're on board unfortunately you can't send the message because of the airlines rules or some airlines may charge you hourly for using their data.

So only way to communicate is while you're on the airport and which is completely free. But using WIFI connection at airports are unsafe.

WiFox, an app for Android and iOS, created by Anil Polat, now offers airport-goers an interactive map that reveals free Wi-Fi passwords at airports around the world.

The cost of the app is $2 and it is not badly priced if you consider how much money you’ll save on roaming or data costs.

The designer of WiFox, computer engineer and avid traveller, Anil Polat, has had his fair share of trying to stay connected while travelling. He created an app that released a list of network names and wireless passwords.

The information on the app is crowdsourced and boasts that it is always up to date; users can upvote network information that works, downvote hotspots in the case of expired or failing passwords and also add passwords to the ever-growing list.

According the app’s description you can:

  • Copy and paste passwords easily into wireless network settings.

  • When users add passwords it will be sent to the developer first for verification and approval.

  • Users can update passwords for airports already added and rate hotspots.

  • The WiFox icons will show users who fresh, reliable and highly rated the airport’s network information is.



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