Monday 17 October 2016

Holiday myths about travelling on Christmas that will cost you money

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Whether you are flying home for Christmas, New Year or Thanksgiving, there are so many myths about travelling at this time of the year that could be costing you money.

According to research by KAYAK, who looked at data from one billion searches, there are five myths about travelling during the festive season.

Myth number one - there are no last minute deals on air fare or holiday packages around Christmas and New Year.

Most people believe that if you want to head away or home in December, you need to book your flights before November 1. Afterwards they will steadily increase.

However, that is not strictly true - people wanting a quick getaway can still bag a bargain during November and there are some locations where prices can still be reasonable just two weeks in advance.

The second myth is that beach holiday prices soar during the winter months.

KAYAK found that hotel prices can be considerably lower in November, especially places like Miami. Although the days surrounding Thanksgiving are a little dearer.

The holiday comparison website also recommended a trip to Caribbean in January as both flights and hotel prices tend to be cheaper after New Year's Eve.

Booking at on a certain day at a certain will save people money is myth number three. Some people say that Tuesdays are the cheapest whilst other believe it Wednesdays.

But that's not entirely true. Yes, flying out certain days and times may be cheaper, but it very much depends on your destination.

For example if you are travelling to South East Asia from California, Tuesday may well work out cheaper, but if you are flying from the East Coast, then Friday may be a better option.

Myth number four - New York City is very expensive around Christmas.

This is partially true, prices do increase around the holiday season, but not for the whole duration.

KAYAK anticipates that flight and hotel prices drop by January so travellers can still catch the last of the festivities in the Big Apple but at a lower cost.

The final myth is flying home for Christmas and New Years can be double of triple the normal cost.

Whilst prices do increase, if you are flexible with your dates then you can find flights that are closer to the normal cost.

And if you don't mind flying on Christmas Day or New Years Day then you can definitely grab a bargain.

The story comes after an award-winning airline revealed the cheapest flights to the USA for summer 2017.



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