Friday 14 October 2016

How to become more attractive to women


Women always prefer men with nice looking, smart, clean are at the centre of their attraction.

To shave or not to shave, that is the question. But you can groom your way to attracting girls if you know about this secret and surprisng turn-on for her.

While "manscaping" is a growing trend among men who wish to tame their unruly body hair with a little light trimming, lads could be doing themselves a disservice without even knowing it.

If you want to boost your desirability, you should ditch your metrosexual grooming habits because she likes a bit of nipple hair, apparently.

According to a recent Australian study ladies go ga-ga for a smattering of hair on the chest and around the areolas.

Researchers showed women photos of men sporting different body hair styles, from a heavy chest mane to completely clean-shaven.

And ladies voted guys with "light" body hair as the most attractive mates, followed by those with a shaven haven.

Guys with "very light" fur fell in the middle, while those with "medium" or "heavy" locks were ranked the least good-looking of the bunch.

Researchers explained: "Men with body hair were less attractive than when clean shaven, with the exception of images depicting some hair around the areolae, pectoral region and the sternum that were significantly more attractive than clean-shaven bodies.

"These results suggest that the distribution of facial and body hair influences male attractiveness to women, possibly as an indication of masculine development."

But it's not just your torso that should be left untamed because another study revealed that women can't resist face fuzz either.

The research, which was published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, also had some interesting findings about just how much hair guys should have – and what women really think about it.

According to the 8,520 ladies who took part in the study, guys with stubble were rated most attractive for short-term relationships.

But guys with full bushy beards looked more like keepers with women judging them as more attractive for long-term love.

It's thought that beards act as a sign of enhanced fertility and survival ability.

If that wasn't enough evidence for you, yet more research points in the direction that girls have a taste for sexy stubble.

A team from the University of New South Wales found that rocking a bushy beard makes you seem more mature and manly to the opposite sex.

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