Tuesday 11 October 2016

Microsoft now working on a new version of Paint

Microsoft Paint

Microsoft is working on a newest version of its Paint, accoding to a video reveals.

The age-old classic Microsoft Paint is staging a comeback. A staple program on Windows computers since the 80s, the drawing application hasn't received a significant update in a number of years.

But now, Microsoft is reportedly creating a new version of the tool that is designed for Windows 10.

MS Paint has remained a rudimentary pen and paper drawing program since it was first released in 1985. But that could change if leaked videos of an upcoming revamp prove to be real. The previews of the modernised MS Paint reveal a range of new brushes and art tools that are aimed at creating 3D works.

Videos of the new Paint, which were shared on Twitter by user Walking Cat, show that it has maintained the traditional canvas and pen tools, with the extra ability to create 3D objects. In a demonstration with the new Paint, the presenter called Paul shows how it can be used to turn basic 2D images into 3D ones.

The updated Paint also appears to have been created with the Microsoft Surface's Pen in mind, with a range of new paintbrushes and tools that work with touch.

The 3D tools could have been designed to work with Microsoft's HoloLens headsets, which augment the wearers' vision with holograms.

Microsoft could officially unveil the new Paint at a product launch event in New York on October 26.

At the event, the company is also expected to announce news about the Surface range of computers, the Xbox, and Windows 10. It will reportedly be aiming its PC products at people who work in the creative industries, with a focus on touch.



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