Thursday 27 October 2016

Microsoft to include Paint 3D

Paint 3D

Microsoft has unveiled the next update to its Windows 10 operating system, its flagship operating system, which includes an upgraded version of Paint that can be used to design artwork in 3D.

Called the Creators Update, the next iteration of Windows 10, will come with enhanced 4K gaming and in-game broadcasting, as well as a new feature that lets users communicate with their closest contacts directly on their home screen.

The free update is the second to revamp the "last ever" Windows software, following this summer's Anniversary Update, and will be available from Spring 2017.

MS Paint 3D

Microsoft has unveiled the next generation of Paint, the 30-year-old digital sketching program, which includes the ability to draw in 3D.

“Today productivity is defined in 2D,” said Microsoft. "The next generation is growing up with 3D right from the start."

The update to Microsoft Paint, which Microsoft said is still used by 100 million people a month, lets users create 3D objects and images on the familiar canvas with the age-old pen and brush tools.

As well as letting users draw 3D objects, the new Paint includes the ability to import photos and 3D scans of real-life items and add them to sketches. Microsoft has also designed a new tool that can scan objects using a phone's camera and create a digital model that can then be opened in Paint.

It is also compatible with the augmented reality HoloLens headset and 3D printers.

Microsoft is also adding the ability for Minecraft users to export creations from the game and 3D print them in the latest update. It has also created a social community called Remix 3D where users can share and explore 3D objects, sketches and creations. And it has added 3D animations to Powerpoint.

Virtual and augmented reality

As part of its push into making the virtual real, Microsoft announced that it is going to partner with PC makers, such as Dell, Lenovo, HP, Asus and Acer, to build a range of low-cost VR headsets, which will start at $299 (£245).

The Windows giant also teased a new virtual reality space called HoloTour in which users can explore historical landmarks and locations, such as Rome.

Xbox Live

The Creators Update includes new ways to broadcast your games live with Beam and set up tournaments both on Xbox through Arena and on Windows 10.

Easy communication with close contacts

It also includes a new feature that makes it easy to communicate with close contacts. The MyPeople feature pins favourite contacts to the Start bar, which can be used to send quick messages and documents across multiple platforms.

Favourite contacts can send one another "shoulder taps", or nudges, which pop up above their icon to show how they're feeling.

More to come

Microsoft is rumoured to be working on greater integration between Windows 10 and Office 365, as well as more functions for the Pen and touch within Office. More details will no doubt follow after the company releases an early version of the Creators Update to Windows Insider developers this week.



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