Sunday 30 October 2016

Morrisons hikes cost of Marmite


High street supermarket chain Morrisons revealed it will increase the cost of the yeast spread by 30p a jar, angering British consumers.

However its own brand yeast extract, made with the same ingredients, is still retailing for £1.84 for a 240g jar.

Unilever, which makes Marmite, has claimed the costs have had to be increased after Brexit because the spread is more expensive to make, despite it being manufactured in Britain.

A Morrisons spokesperson declined to comment on the disparity in pricing between the branded product and its own version of the spread.

A large jar of Marmite will now cost Morrisons customers £2.64 for the 250g jar instead of £2.35 and the high street supermarket revealed it would also be hiking the price of three other Marmite products.

The news comes after panicked customers were told some Tesco stores had run out of the spread because it refused to accept a 10 per cent price increase from its parent company Unilever.

The row was resolved after a day but divided the country and pushed sales up by 61 per cent as shoppers stockpiled jars of Marmite.



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