Monday 10 October 2016

Red meat is good for health


Red meat consumption is good for cognitive function and the body's immune system, according to a latest research.

The Seven Ages Of Man study found that anything up to one pound of meat can be consumed every week without leading to a greater risk of health problems, the Daily Express reported.

Researchers showed that the lean red meat is important in every stage of development starting from infancy to old age.They also urged people to put more red meat into their diets to lessen the gap between mineral and vitamin intake and recommended levels.

The report states that there is emerging proof that nutrients found in red meat could play a active role in supporting cognitive function, immune health and addressing iron deficiency.

The study for which data from 103 scientific papers was reviewed was drawn up by Emma Derbyshire, senior lecturer in human nutrition at Manchester Metropolitan University and Professor Robert Pickard, Emeritus professor of neurobiology at the University of Cardiff.



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