Monday 24 October 2016

Samsung delays restarting its Galaxy Note 7 Sales

Galaxy Note 7

Samsung has said it will delay restarting the sale of its Galaxy Note 7 phone in South Korea, as the firm needs more time for the global recall of the faulty device.

The South Korean tech giant was forced to recall some 2.5 million devices globally due to overheating batteries.

Dozens of devices were reported to have caught fire, reports the BBC.

The phone was to be back on the shelf on September 28 but is now expected to be available October 1 at the earliest.

On September 2, Samsung had said it would stop selling the phones and offered to replace the ones already sold. The firm also urged people to stop using the device.

The global recall affects 10 markets. In South Korea, some 200,000 customers have already returned their devices with the same number of people still left for the recall, according to Samsung.

Next markets where the phone will be available for sale again will be Australia and Singapore in October.



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