Sunday 16 October 2016

Theresa May: No extra money for NHS


National Health Service(NHS) is facing another backlash since the current prime minister Theresa May has told its head, that it would not receive an extra funding despite ongoing crisis.

The prime minister dashed any hopes of a cash boost in next month's autumn statement when she met Simon Stevens, the chief executive of NHS England, according to the Guardian. Instead she told him last month that the NHS should urgently focus on making efficiencies to fill the £22bn hole in its finances and not publicly seek more than the "£10bn extra" that ministers insist they have already pledged to provide during this parliament.

She told him the NHS could learn from the painful cuts to the Home Office and Ministry of Defence budgets that she and Philip Hammond, the chancellor, had overseen when they were in charge of those departments, according to senior figures in the NHS who were given an account of the discussion.

Senior Whitehall sources have confirmed that Hammond's statement on 23 November will contain no new money for the NHS, despite increasingly vocal pleas from key NHS organisations and the public's expectation of extra health spending if Britain voted to leave the EU.

NHS Providers, which represents 238 NHS trusts, last week accused ministers of perpetuating "a bit of a fantasy world" on how well the NHS is doing after the worst-ever performance figures for key waiting time targets for A&E care, planned hospital operations and cancer treatments led to warnings that it was starting to buckle under the strain of unprecedented demand.

Health experts warned that the NHS would have to ration treatment, shut hospital units and cut staff if it gets no extra money soon.



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