Saturday 22 October 2016

Trend for skinny jeans has finally died

Skinny Jeans

There was a time when skinny jeans were popular and trendy among women.

From Kate Moss to Michelle Obama, the skinny jean was everyone's favourite fit but in recent years our concept of what's cool has radically shifted.

So now it's time to break-up with your skin-pinching denim life partner in favour of a baggier, softer silhouette - but why?

Like most trends, the lean towards comfortable clothes began on the runway with brands such as Vetements and Marques' Almeida signifying a return to true, off-duty denim and it's now been felt on the high street too.

According to Elle, women are now buying more jeans than ever before, with Net-a-Porter reporting that they "can't keep Vetements' now-iconic style in stock, despite its eye-watering £790 price tag" and that ASOS has sold an incredible 12,000 pairs of its washed blue 'Farleigh' Mom jean, priced at £35.

What for many used to be a failsafe wardrobe staple has now perished in light of more body conscious denim.

And let's face it, super-skinnies aren't the most forgiving of styles, and can often leave you feeling overexposed.

That's exactly why Khloe Kardashian just launched her new denim line, Good American.

The collection is made to highlight curves like a dream, with sizes spanning from 0 to 24 and an emphasis on a figure-hugging yet comfortable fit.

Skinny jeans may well come back around one day but for now, at least chance to returning to the pre-skinny golden age of a relaxed, voluminous silhouette. So now you can breathe out.



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