Saturday 22 October 2016

Twitter is down on Ddos attack

Twitter Ddos attack

Social networking site Twitter is down leaving millions of users unable to access the site.

Twitter, the huge social media service used by millions around the world, is currently down.

Users are unable to use their Twitter Logins, or even see the site load in its current state.

No explanation has been given for the huge outage, although it appears to be part of a larger organised effort by hackers around the globe.

It's possible that this is linked to a series of Ddos attacks as hackers launched a major cyber-attack on some of the biggest websites around the world.

Sites including Amazon, Twitter, Reddit, PSN and Spotify were all previously affected by the attack on one of the internet's biggest web-hosting services and from the looks of things these websites are experiencing another outage right now.

Ironically, Twitter is usually the web service used to confirmed this attack, with many account setup for the sole purpose of informing the world of hacker intentions.

These outages are being reported across the world, with the east coast of American particularly affected, although Chinese and European users have also noted drops in service.

DYN is suffering a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack, where hackers attempt to overload a site's services by bombarding it with traffic.

Twitter is used by more than 300 million people across the world each month, and the site outage comes as Playstation Network (PSN), Amazon and Reddit also went down after a DDos attack.

The site outage on the social networking giant began just after 5pm BST.

The website Isitdownrightnow, which is used to check if major websites across the world are working, is also ironically down.

A DDoS attack is where hackers overload a server to send it crashing and take down the targeted website.

Members of the group later said they had brought down the gaming services used by millions just for fun and because they could.

Twitter's rival website Facebook has also had a number of high profile outages in the past few years.

In the Oscar winning movie the Social Network, which charts the beginnings of the site, Mark Zuckerberg's character uttered the famous line: "We don't crash, ever."

Latest update shows that Twitter started working fine then went dowmn again.



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