Saturday 22 October 2016

WhatsApp now lets you to draw over pictures


WhatsApp has been added a range of new photo and video features, including the ability to write and draw on images in the same way that you can in Snapchat and, more recently, in Instagram and iMessage.

The latest update to the messaging app includes tools to customise images and videos, as well as camera upgrades that let users take better photos within the app.

The new tools, which are available on iOS and Android, will automatically appear when you update the app. The picture editing tools include the ability to pixelate parts of an image, add captions, annotations and drawings, as well as turn sections of it black and white.

To edit photos or videos, take a shot or open one from your album, and tap the pen tool in the top right hand corner.

As well as the editing tools, the update adds enhanced photo and video taking software to the messaging app. For example, WhatsApp now supports front-facing flash for photos taken within the app, and improvements for low light and night time photography.

"We've also added a convenient zooming feature for recording videos," said WhatsApp. "Just slight your finger up and down to zoom in and out.

And to quickly switch between front and rear facing cameras, double tap on the screen."

Another recent WhatsApp update included the ability to "tag" users in a conversation by typing @name, as well as extending the limit on the number of participants in a group message from 100 to 256 people.



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