Sunday 23 October 2016

Why windows on a plane does not match with the seat

windows on a plane

There no word but to use frustration when you have selected the window seat on a plane, but there is actually no window when you get there.

Most of the time there usually is a window next to or near the seat, however, it is not always lined up correctly.

So why have they been designed like this?

Apparently the aircraft manufacturer decides where the windows go and the airline decides where the seats go.

But neither of them tend to make a decision with the other in mind.

Manufacturers such as Boeing and Airbus will arrange where the windows will be located in the cabin.

They will then recommend a seating arrangement to the airline.

However, more than often, this recommendation is disregarded.

This is in favour of the airlines own seating plan, where they will try and squeeze more rows of seats into the aircraft.

When the airlines get the aircraft, manufacturers have put in place tracks on the floor for the seats.

The tracks can be pushed closer together or further apart depending on the airlines preference.

So next time you find yourself sitting next to the cabin wall, you know who to blame.

Airline food does not have a reputation for being rich and full of flavour - in fact, it is often considered very bland.

But that is not the chef's fault. Serving flavoursome food at high altitudes is a challenge.

According to Bianca Bosker, author of Cork Dork, an upcoming book about the science behind our senses, our tastebuds are poor on airplanes.



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