Tuesday 8 November 2016

Councils risks legal action over care funding cuts

care cuts

Councils in England and Wales now facing legal actions over care funding cuts.

In a joint plea to ministers, the Nuffield Trust, King's Fund and Health Foundation said the sector was facing a major funding shortage.

The think tanks said cuts were so deep, councils may no longer be meeting their duties to the elderly and disabled.

The government says it is investing in the care system with £5bn set aside for the NHS to work with the care system.

An additional £1.5bn is being added to that by 2019, while councils have been allowed to increase council tax by 2% a year to invest in care services.

The latest warning about care services comes ahead of Chancellor Philip Hammond's Autumn Statement later this month on government spending.

Councils are complaining they have not been given enough cash. and last month, the regulator, the Care Quality Commission, said council care cuts were one of the major factors behind the growing demands on A&E units.



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