Saturday 26 November 2016

Glasgow City Council To Create 50,000 Jobs By 2023

Glasgow City Council

Glasgow City Council chiefs have outlined their ambitions to create up to 50,000 new jobs and 1,000 new businesses in the the next seven years.

The Labour-led council outlined its growth targets in the new Glasgow Economic Strategy 2016-2023 at the 19th annual State of the City Economy Conference held in the city on Friday.

The conference theme - Glasgow is Open for Business - aims to provides direction on how the city will cope with leaving the European Union.

The authority hopes to lift tourism numbers by one million a year to three million which it estimates would increase tourism earnings by around £185 million a year and drive demand for a dozen new hotels to provide an additional 2,500 hotel beds.

Council leaders also propose to create “Scotland's first city innovation district” centre near the Technical Innovation Centre close to George Square, which already has £150 million capital investment and a £250 million innovation programme.

The wider strategy also aims to deliver 25,000 new homes and develop childcare cooperatives to help working families to meet childcare needs.

Another headline proposal is reducing the number of adults with no skills in the city by 50 per cent over the seven year period and providing employability support to help Glaswegians find jobs.

A Health Commission is also proposed in a bid to improve the overall heath of the city's population.



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