Thursday 10 November 2016

Government To Make Significant Efforts To Ensure Transgender Inmates Go To Correct Gender Prison


The Ministry Of Justice is making significant efforts to ensure transgender inmates go to the correct gender prisons.

Ministers launched a review of the care of transgender prisoners last year after the deaths of two inmates being held at all-male prisons.

The review, published on Wednesday, said: “It is apparent that the treatment of transgender people in courts, probation and prison services has not kept pace with the development of a more general understanding of the issues surrounding gender in society.”

It said allowing transgender offenders to experience the criminal justice system in the gender in which they identify “will, in the great majority of cases, represent the most humane and safest way to act”.

It added: “We believe it will also assist successful rehabilitation.

“In the minority of cases where that is not possible, the reasons for departing from this starting presumption must be clear, explicit and made known to the person they affect, especially when it involves assigning someone to a male or female prison.”

The report also revealed that one in four prisons in England and Wales are holding transgender inmates.



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