Friday 4 November 2016

How To Beat Virgin Media Price Hike?

Virgin Media

If you are a Virgin Media broadband customer then you could be in for a nasty shock when your next monthly bill leaves your bank account.

The internet and television company first announced it was putting up prices for existing customers back in September.

And now – the price bump has come into effect.

Customers can expect to see an increase of somewhere around £3.50 a month.

Virgin Media claims the price hike will allow it to make the experience "bigger and better than ever before".

Virgin Media

In an email sent to customers earlier this year, the company said: "We're proud to have the UK's fastest widely available broadband.

"Our super reliable network offers speeds of up to 200Mbps - that's more than twice as fast as BT's and Sky's top speeds.

"With inclusive servicing and repairs, you can relax knowing if your kit needs to be repaired or replaced we'll take care of it without charging you a penny – unlike Sky who charges £65 for call-outs once your Sky+ box is out of warranty.

"Love streaming the latest Netflix shows? Then you'll love this - according to the Netflix ISP Speed Index, we're the leading major broadband provider for streaming Netflix content.

"We really hope you'll want to carry on enjoying it all. But if not, don't worry – you can change your package at any time."

But despite its protests of having faster speeds, inclusive servicing and more, many Virgin Media customers have taken to social media – complaint about being "disgusted" at the higher bills.

One Virgin media user tweeted: "Haven't even lived in this flat 2 months and @virginmedia have already risen the price of bills twice, no thank you goodbye."

While another added: "@virginmedia wireless. I'm paying £31 which keeps rising. No landline in that price. I will be cancelling cus it's ridiculous."

Some Virgin Media customers were already subject to a price increase earlier this year.

Virgin Media

Those how have been hit by the new price plan should have received a letter from Virgin Media confirming the price increase, and the start date for the updated plan.

But those who are due to be hit with a new, higher price will be pleased to know that there is a simple way to beat the bill shock.

All you need to do is call Virgin Media and ask for a better deal. It sounds ridiculously simple, but it really is.

This reduction came from removing a service that wasn't being used and getting a loyalty discount – plus the broadband provider threw-in increased speeds of 100Mbps for free.

Virgin Media says that they "review all cases on an individual basis" but, if you've been a long-term user of the service, the chances are they will reduce your bill.

You will probably have to sign up to a new 12-month contract but it's worth it for the savings you'll make.

To contact the firm simply dial 150 from your Virgin landline or call 0800 052 0422.



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