Sunday 13 November 2016

Lufthansa Launches A New App On Facebook That Will To Get Cheaper Flights


The German company has launched a chatbot called Mildred on the Facebook Messenger app.

A chatbot simulates human conversation - meaning users can chat to this robotic human that help them find the cheapest flights.

Users will be able to search for flights via specific dates, booking classes, and airports as a starting point.

The chatbot already knows which airports Lufthansa airlines are based.

So from the information given by the user, it will search for the closest matching and cheapest flights.

This robot messenger will automatically search for flights within the next months.

However, if this is too far in advance, people can narrow their search to specific date or month.

Those who then wish to buy a ticket will be redirected to the mobile website.

Mildred has a lady avatar with pink hair that is tied in a bun.

If users don’t want to purchase tickets right away, she can remember the departure airport for 24 hours.

Mildred is also able to answer questions and requests users may have.

Currently the app is in English and German.



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