Monday 14 November 2016

Massive 6.2 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Argentina


Massive 6.2 magnitude earthquake strikes Argentina.

The quake struck at around 8am local time in the north-western part of the country called La Rioja province, near the border with Chile.

So far no injuries have been reported.

With a depth of 62 miles, the quake follows another disaster earlier this month when a tremor shook central Chile.

The terror in Argentina comes just hours after a huge 7.4 quake struck in New Zealand, causing panic among frightened residents and leaving two people dead.a

The tremor sparked a two-metre high tsunami on the south island and forced people to flee their homes.

The quake was measured at 7.8 magnitude and struck just after midnight local time (11.02am GMT), the US Geological Service reported.

The The New Zealand Ministry of Civil Defence tweeted: "A tsunami has been generated, the first wave has arrived in the North Eastern Coast of the South Island.

"Tsunami activity will continue for several hours."

"People near the coast in the south island should move to high ground or inland."

The epicentre of the quake hit just 20km from a popular tourist hotspot near Christchurch and tremors were felt as far away as Auckland and Wellington.

Pictures show the huge scale of the devastation, as buildings were destroyed and homes brought down in the disaster.

A number of casualties have been reported near where the quake hit.



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