Thursday 3 November 2016

Reading Racist Stories Can Damage Your Brain

Human brain is a full of complexities and it is alarmingly good at learning negative stereotypes ideas about migrants.

Volunteers were brain scanned as they were told stories about two fictitious social groups – the Kitils and the Pellums.

The researchers found that once volunteers had decided a group was 'bad', they continued to respond to 'bad' details about them – while their response to 'good' stories tailed off.

Lead researcher Hugo Spiers of University College London said, 'The negative groups become treated as more and more negative. Worse than the equivalent for the positive groups.

Spiers says that the research highlights why negative media reporting can be dangerous.

Spiers said, 'The newspapers are filled with ghastly things people do … You're getting all these news stories and the negative ones stand out.

'When you look at Islam, for example, there's so many more negative stories than positive ones and that will build up over time



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