Friday 11 November 2016

Sleep Deprivation: Phones and tablets could be the reason you can't switch off

Phones and tablets

As the devices which emit blue light have become more common, so has insomnia and other sleep disorders.

But questions remained over their impact on sleep, University of California San Francisco researchers said.

Concerns have been mounting as poor sleep affects schooling and work performance and is linked to depression, and is a risk factor for obesity, cardiovascular disease,stroke, and death.

Over two thirds of adults sleep with their phones by their bed while studies have shown hospital patients who read eReaders took longer to fall asleep and had reduced quality of sleep than those who read a traditional book.

The study of US adults found younger users were on the devices for longer and reported having a more disturbed night's sleep.

And those who watch the screens late at night before bed were most affected.

Scientists argued this could be due to what they are viewing such as Facebook updates were more stimulating or blue light could be disrupting the body clock.



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