Sunday 6 November 2016

This Actor Has Made AN Amazing Transformation Of Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill

An actor has made an amazing transformation of Prime minister Winston Churchill.

Gary Oldman has been completely transformed into Winston Churchill for a new film about the politician's early days.

The esteemed actor takes on the role of the British prime minister - who served two terms from 1940 to 1945, and 1951 and 1955 - in upcoming movie Darkest Hour, and he's unrecognisable in the first photo released.

Highly regarding as a character actor, Oldman looks totally different thanks to the power of prosthetics, mirroring Churchill with glasses resting on his nose and a cigar in his hand.

Winston Churchill

The historical drama will have Pride and Prejudice director Joe Wright at the helm.

It's set to focus on the early days of World War Two, with the prime minister dealing with the growing threat of an invasion from the Nazis.

It will also feature the likes of John Hurt, Lily James and Kristen Scott Thomas in supporting roles.

The film is set to hit screens in the UK in December 2017.



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