Wednesday 30 November 2016

Virgin Media Launches TiVo V6 To Compete With Sky

Virgin Media

Virgin Media is finally refreshing its TiVo box with a new service it's calling V6.

This new set-top is taking aim squarely at Sky Q with Virgin finally embracing 4K Ultra HD content.

The V6 is fully compatible with this latest high definition format and it will even let you stream shows from Netflix and YouTube in full 4K resolution.

More shows are now being broadcast in 4K, including Sports and Movies and Virgin now joins Sky in providing a device that can broadcast it into living rooms.

Along with 4K, the new V6 also includes a 1TB hard drive which allows up to 500 hours of entertainment to be recorded on the device.

And TV fans can also record six shows at the same time - something Sky won't launch until next year.

The new TiVo box also brings a new way of recording called Series Link+.

This new option not only records all episodes of your favourite shows but it will also find and show hiding in Box Sets, Catch Up and places like Netflix.

Like Sky Q, TiVo V6 will allow users to stream content to other parts of the house via extra V6 boxes or on tablets and smartphones.

Other new features include an updated remote which has a "Find" option for when it gets lost down the side of the sofa.

Virgin is boasting that the TiVo V6 is also the company's smallest and fastest set-top box to date.

Alongside the new box Virgin Media is launching a range of other new products and services including an own-brand tablet.

Called the Telly Tablet, this device beams all of your content to a portable screen which can be taken around the home.

Virgin Media

There also a new app called TV Anywhere which allows you record and view shows when you're away from home.

TV anywhere acts as separate remote when you're sat in front of the TV.

Virgin Media has also announced a new Media Store.

This will bring viewers some of the biggest movies first out of cinema before they are available to buy on DVD alongside a huge range of box sets to download.

The Virgin Media Store will launch in February and will be available for non-Virgin Media customers on desktop and mobile.

Virgin says that pricing for the Virgin TV V6 box is simple, transparent and will not incur additional monthly subscription fees.

The new state of the art box will be available to existing customers on a Mix bundle or higher, before the end of the year. Existing customers will not need to change package to benefit.

New customers joining Virgin Media will be able to order the Virgin TV V6 box when choosing their TV bundle from January 2017.

The standard price of the Virgin TV V6 box is a simple £99.95 one-off upfront cost.

New and existing customers with a top-tier Full House or VIP bundle will benefit from a promotional price of £49.95.



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