Thursday 24 November 2016

VPN Could Help UK Internet Users To Dodge The Snooper's Charter Spy Bill

The Snooper's Charter Spy Bill

The UK's Investigatory Powers Bill, dubbed the 'Snooper's Charter' by critics, has passed into law. It compels tech and internet firms, among other things, to store user data in bulk and hand this over to government agencies or remove encryption when hit with a summons.

Tech giants continue to push back against the intrusive aspects of the bill, with some seeking to circumvent its surveillance capabilities by offering privacy enhancing services.

Critics of Snooper's Charter warn that cybercriminals could end up gaining access to user data, which the British government intends its intelligence and security services to use when conducting investigations.

Virtual private network (VPN) providers have already begun capitalising on growing privacy concerns to offer users services that conceal the slow of their traffic, BBC reported.



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