Tuesday 15 November 2016

Wayne Rooney sends England shirt to child cancer patient

Wayne Rooney

England captain Wayne Rooney was so moved by the plight of a terminally-ill boy that he promised him his shirt from their win over Scotland.

Eight year-old Kasabian Newton-Smith was diagnosed with cancer at the age of two and has two inoperable brain tumours.

The youngster - from Parson Cross, in Sheffield, South Yorkshire - has been diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma and has had 111 radiation treatments.

As he is confined to his home, football stars have been urged to tweet him their support and wishes - under the hashtag £1LastSmile4Kasabian.

Now in a video message, Rooney has said he and his team-mates are so proud of his bravery, he is sending the child his shirt from Friday's 3-0 Euro Qualifier win.

The 31-year-old Manchester United player told Kasabian: "I just want to say a massive thank you for your support.

"I've kept my shirt from Friday night's game against Scotland - so will send it down to you.

"I hope you enjoy it, and hopefully it makes you smile!"

Kasabian has seen one Manchester United game at Old Trafford and "absolutely loved it", his family said.

The campaign, organised by Grassroots Football, appealed to the entire footballing world to join together and send "Kasabian 1 last smile".

Social media users are being encouraged to wear a football strip, hold one finger in the air and smile for a photograph.

Billy Sharp, who plays for Sheffield United, tweeted a picture using £1LastSmile4Kasabian featuring Rooney and Adam Lallana, who scored for England in the win over Scotland.

Kasabian had "desperately" wanted to follow in his big brother's footsteps and play football - and he had three games for Southy Wolves under-10s.

Kasabian is now confined to bed at home and his family celebrated his ninth birthday, which is in December, early.

Kasabian, who has six brothers and sisters, has previously taken part in fundraising efforts for Sheffield Children's Hospital and cancer charities.

His mother Kay said the campaign was the idea of some friends who wanted to give her son "one last smile" - and hopefully soon to meet his idol Rooney in person.

The youngster also wanted to be a firefighter, and he recently spent a day with the South Yorkshire Fire service in Barnsley.

He got to ride in a fire engine, which was on his "bucket list", his delighted father Simon Newton-Smith said.

Mr Newton-Smith added: "Kasabian had a fantastic day - white watch were brilliant hosts and made sure it was action packed from start to finish."

While fire Station Manager Damian Henderson said: "Kasabian started off very shy at the beginning of the day, but once he'd had his first call out and had a go in the engine, he was giving me my orders!

"I think I speak on behalf of everybody at South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue when I say what a pleasure it was to have Kasabian on station, and I feel privileged to have been a part of his big day."

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