Tuesday 22 November 2016

When Does Credit Firms Check Financial Information About You

credit reference

Six out of 10 people do not know they're credit checked by insurance companies when opting to pay through monthly instillments, found loan provider Amigo.

And more than half of people don't realise that energy providers search their records for customers who sign up to direct debit payments.

Mobile phone contracts, flat rentals and overdraft extensions are among the other situations when consumers are unaware that they are credit checked.

Glen Crawford, chief executive of the loan firm, said: "Thousands of people are completely oblivious to the fact big institutions are checking their trustworthiness.

"The days when you would only be checked for a mortgage or a loan are long gone. "

One in five people don't even realise they are judged by their financial history when applying for a mortgage.

Yet a poor credit rating can prompt firms to reject applications for a range of financial products.

When a firm denies requests for credit it leaves a mark on your history, which can further damage the likelihood of being granted credit in the future.

Every person in Britain has a credit score, yet only one in 10 people know their rating, according to Amigo.

Mr Crawford added: "What’s really worrying is that people could be inadvertently destroying their own credit score, and as a result may be closing the door on life dreams like home ownership.“The solution to this problem lies in education and we all have a role to play."



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