Wednesday 2 November 2016

Why supermarket starts reducing items with yellow stickers?

yellow stickers

When we go for shopping in supermarkets we often love to some items are on a reduced prices with yellow stickers.

What does it mean?

The reduced items often mean you are saving up to 75 per cent off the retail price, and if you have a big freezer then its the perfect way to stock up on the best brands for less.

MoneySavingExpert has put together his tips to getting the most bang for your buck when visiting your local supermarket and it is all about the time of day you do your shopping.

yellow stickers

There are three reasons food is reduced in the supermarket; it has a short date, it is superficially damaged or it is no longer being sold – think seasonal items like Easter eggs.

Supermarkets tend to slap a yellow sticker on these items mid-morning and in the evening.

But Tesco and Co-op start their 25 per cent reductions as early as 8am, whereas Sainsbury’s and Asda start around midday.

The big 75 per cent off discounts start at 7pm in Morrisons and Co-op and as late as 9pm in Asda.

The following table outlines the best time to visit these big name supermarkets to pick up the best yellow sticker deal:

yellow stickers

MoneySavingExpert’s tip is: “If you spot a yellow sticker discount, grab it and use it quickly as it’s a saving on perfectly good nosh.

“To build the info on this, we asked MoneySavers who work in supermarkets to spill the beans on their stores’ reduction policies.

“Reduction times varied by store/opening time, yet some definite patterns emerged.

“The first yellow stickers appear around 10am, and the silly-price reductions begin at 7pm, when stores cut prices by 75 per cent and upwards.”

It is best to wait until the end of the day to bag your bargains and keep an eye out for food with two or three sticker piled on top of each other because that is where you will get the best value for money.

Be sure to check all areas of the shop for yellow stickers, especially areas where products don’t have a long shelf life.

Smart shoppers will also make a note of the best days to visit their supermarket to get a good deal.

Work out when the shop is closed for a public holiday and go the day before, that way you will get the reductions for the day you are there and the yellow stickers for the day it is closed. Half price discounts at Morrisons hit the shelves at 5pm

Don’t get stuck at the checkout by scanning the wrong barcode though.

yellow stickers

Double-check when you scan the item through that you have scanned the barcode on the yellow sticker rather than the regular retain barcode, otherwise your bargain hunting skills will fall short of the finish line.

It is best to eat your reduced food as soon as possible, especially if it has been reduced because of it has a short use by date.

But, understandably, it is not always practical to eat it all within a day of buying it, so choosing freezable items is your best bet, that way you can defrost the food as you want to eat it.



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