Thursday 10 November 2016

WWE wrestler Rhyno elected as Michigan legislator


The 41-year-old wrestler – whose real name is Terrance Guido Gerin – beat Democrat Abdullah Hammond, 26, for the position in the Dearborn, Michigan.

The current Smackdown Live tag-team champion will now serve in the Michigan Legislator as well as earning for the role.

It is unclear what it means for his future in WWE where he made a triumphant return to win the belts with Heath Slater.

Rhyno was helped in his bid to get into politics by former ECW pal Tommy Dreamer.

The The Innovator of Violence endorsed Rhyno as the best man to be a State Representative.

His campaign website says Gerin is a “politician by day” and a “professional wrestler by night.”

Rhyno says he believes in limited government and will focus on fixing Michigan’s crumbling roads.

He also aims to boost state revenue-sharing to cities such as Dearborn.

He urged voters in the Democratic-heavy district east of Detroit to “be a Rhino-Democrat.”

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is also known by WWE fans after being inducted into their Hall of Fame.



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