Friday, 30 December 2016

10 Ways To Get Return Flights To Europe For Less Than £20


Can't afford a holiday? We beg to differ. With return flights to 10 destinations in Europe for less than £20, January is a great month to kick-start your 2017 adventures.

The best way to bag a bargain flight is to look on a flight comparison site.

It may be tempting to go straight to a budget airline website, but you can often find a better deal using sites like SkyScanner or Opodo.

If you are flexible with dates and destinations you can pick up a holiday for less than a cinema date for two.

Before you begin browsing though, make sure you're using an incognito Google window – this means companies can't track what you have been searching.

To do this simply go to Google and click the drop down menu on the right and select "new incognito".

Hotel and travel sites have certain cookies on their sites which allows them to track how many times you’ve looked at a certain site and bump up the price if they think you’re interested.

But if you search incognito you will always be shown the best deals.

Here are some of the bargained deals on for flights in January and found these 10 bargain flights for less than £20:

1. Poland – £11 return flights from Newcastle to Warsaw

2. Belgium – £17 return flights from Manchester to Brussels

3. Denmark – £17 return flights from London to Copenhagen

4. France – £17 return flights from London to Toulouse

5. Germany – £17 return flights from London to Cologne

6. Luxembourg – £17 return flights from London to Luxembourg

7. Spain – £17 return flights from Newcastle to Malaga

8. Bulgaria – £17 return flights from London to Sofia

9. Portugal – £19 return flights from Glasgow to Faro

10. Italy – £20 return flights from London to Milan



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