Thursday, 29 December 2016

9 Things You Could Do To Celebrate New Year's Eve In London

New Year's Eve In London

Every year without fail we manage to hype up New Year’s Eve. We plan for the best night ever, couples know who they will get to kiss, singles know the party their crush is going to attend.

It symbolises new beginnings, new resolutions and thankfully this year, the end of 2016.

Yet more often than not New Years fails to live up to the hype. Something which is all the more frustrating when you’ve forked out £80 to see the fireworks.

December is an expensive month as it is. From presents, to work parties to Christmas Day itself, it’s little wonder we have any cash left by the time NYE rolls up.

So, if you’re a bit strapped for cash this year, here are all the things you can do in London for free:

1. Watch the fireworks

Yes, really. Although Boris’ Fireworks tickets have sold out, you can still watch the fireworks for free. Avoid overcrowding by finding your own spot. The best spaces to view from are Cannon street, St Paul’s Cathedral and Mansion House.

You can also head to Primrose Hill and view the display from there.

2. Big Apple Brixton

If you fancy heading south, Big Apple Brixton has free entry and is guaranteed to be one of the best NYE parties around. The New York-themed bar emulates Studio 54 and comes completely with an array of food trucks. With a playlist of 80’s music, you’ll be able to dance the night away.

3. Dream Sequence house party at White Post Cafe

Heading east? The White Post Cafe in Hackney is also hosting a free party called Dream Sequence. The house party will have beats ranging from disco to deep house, 80s, garage and party starters.

4. Little Bat

With free entry, the Little Bat in Angel will have their food menu open all night for whenever you want to eat and will be playing funk and soul.

5. Soul Soul Soul Train at The Strongroom Bar and Kitchen

Another funk and soul bar, the Strongroom Bar and Kitchen in Shoreditch are throwing a vinyl-filled NYE party with free entry. There will be dancing competitions, disco balls and cult classics being screened.

6. Visit Winter Wonderland

Open until January 2 and with free entry, it will be hard-pressed to find a more magical place this New Years.

7. Take advantage of the free tube rides

The tube will be free between 11:45pm and 4:30am so why not go and explore parts of London you haven’t before? This also makes it handy if you have a bunch of different friends parties to go to.

8. Wander the city

Yes, it will be packed but there’s nothing quite like New Year’s Eve in London. Take a tube to Westminster and walk down to Trafalgar Square, through Leicester Square and to Covent Garden. The Christmas lights will still be up and the city buzzing.

9. Go to a pub

Most pubs will have free entry and there you can drink the night away and enjoy a very British ringing in of the new year.

Happy New Year, friends!



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