Monday 5 December 2016

A Muslim Forced To Leave Christmas Market After Setting Up A Stall


A Muslim has been forced to leave Christmas Market after setting up a stall in most popular tourist destination in Germany.

But locals in the town of Rüdesheim on the Rhine in Germany have been criticised after they allegedly ordered Muslims to leave the market because their booth was ‘offensive’.

Members of the Ahmadiyya Islamic community had set up an information booth on Islam at the Rüdesheim town hall simply to make people better understand the religion.

But residents confronted them and complained that the stand was not fitting with the spirit of Christmas.

One furious resident said: ‘This does not belong at a Christmas market!’

Others argued that the stand ‘which is obviously a question of the Koran design’ did not belong at a Christmas market.

They then allegedly ordered them to leave the market after telling them that it was because of the ‘danger potential due to the violent public reaction’.

But mayor of Rüdesheim, Volker Mosler, has hit out at the complaints and said: ‘I am absolutely amazed there is so much intolerance.’

While resident Eric Rehwald said a ‘Christmas market of the nations’ should be willing to accept representatives of other religions.



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