Sunday 4 December 2016

An App That Track Your Every Single Move


There is an app that track your every single movements even if you are on offline.

Uber is the firm can now collect passenger data up to five minutes after a journey has finished.

The global taxi giant was previously only able to do this when users had the app open.

Uber claims the upgrade will help end the frustration experienced when drivers and passengers can’t locate each other.

Explaining the update on its website, Uber said: “Uber collects your location data from the time of trip request through five minutes after the trip ends, including when the app is in the background.

“We do this to improve pick-ups, drop-offs, customer service, and to enhance safety. Trip Related Location Data is collected during the following times.”

Luckily, users still have the choice between setting their information sharing options to “Always” or “Never”.

But if riders opt for “Never”, they will be forced to enter their pick-up and drop off locations manually every time they use the app.

The update has already been slammed by privacy advocates in the US.



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