Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Are Cheap iPhone Chargers Are Safe?


Tests on 400 fake chargers, commissioned by Trading Standards, showed that only three were properly insulated to protect against electric shocks – which is a pass rate below one per cent.

Second hand chargers in charity shops and antique dealers aren’t safe either – separate tests showed that 15 per cent of 3,019 used electrical items didn’t comply with basic standards, with 27 per cent in London failing to make the cut.

Apple says that cheap chargers have been an issue for a few years, and encourages people not to buy imitation products. A major reason for this is that if something goes wrong with your iPhone and you’ve been using an unofficial charger, your warranty will become void.

90% of chargers sold on sites such as Amazon are fake, which has resulted in Apple filing a lawsuit against online retailers. Such products can cause overheating, which has resulted in house fires in the past – they can also damage your phone’s battery life.

Official Apple iPhone chargers generally cost between £19 and £29, with fakes being available for as little as 1p on auctioning sites.

Common problems with fake chargers include fake plugs, non-sleeved plugs where the metal pins are exposed and inadequate insulation. They could also cause potentially fatal electric shocks.



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