Wednesday 21 December 2016

Best Time To Book Your 2017 Summer Holiday


Cold weather is already creeping in, it probably won’t be long until you start daydreaming about next year’s holiday.

But while making some plans is fine, it turns out now probably isn’t the best time to get booking.

According to a new survey, the best deal are available in April, with August and September also prime times to book.

The research was by travel agent, and it found that long-distance flights to places like New York and Dubai are about six per cent cheaper in April.

Even flights to Europe are less that month, down five per cent compared to other times in the year.

If you need to go away before April, there are some tips which could save you some cash.

Booking at the weekend tends to bring up better deals than during the week, with flights purchases on Saturdays and Sundays about three per cent cheaper.

If your big trip isn’t until 2018, your best bet is to wait to book until September.

That’s especially the case if you’re heading to Europe, because you might be able to cut as much as 14 per cent from your bill.

There will be some long-haul bargains to be had then too, with eight per cent discounts expected.

If you’re looking for some holiday inspiration, you might be interested to hear that Edinburgh, Malaga and The Maldives were the most googled holiday destinations this year.

Airline wise, it seems Turkish and Singapore are the best to fly with, or you could go for something a little more unusual by picking one of the quirkiest AirBnB properties around.



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