Thursday 1 December 2016

Britain's Set To Become One Of The Wine Producing Countries


Britain is on target to become one of the world’s top wine-producing regions by 2100 thanks to climate change.

While traditional wine houses in Bordeaux, the Rhône valley and Tuscany will suffer from rising global temperatures, researchers have discovered central and eastern England could soon become prime locations for Sauvignon Blanc - with Pinot Grigio grown as far north as Scotland and Northumberland.

Britain’s wine industry has already enjoyed substantial growth in recent years with sparkling wine winning awards against Champagne.

Now a new study, ‘Changing of the vines’ reveals how the Thames Estuary and the ‘Severn Pocket’ could put Malbec on the British wine map.

Commissioned by Laithwaite’s Wine, the study by Professor Mark Maslin and Lucien Georgeson from University College London, used average temperature and rainfall conditions required for growing different grape varieties alongside predicted changes in climate over the next 85 years.



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