Saturday, 3 December 2016

Cold Weather Likely Hit Britain By This Weekend


Britons are set to kick off the festive season with parties or gatherings this weekend but the chilly weather isn't going to leave them in a merry mood.

The first weekend of the meteorological winter season is poised to be one of the coldest of the year with temperatures dipping as low as -5C in parts of the country on Saturday night.

Forecasters are predicting harsh frosts and freezing morning fog on Sunday, although it will be slightly milder than the past few days.

Consider it the calm before the storm, however, as experts warn chaotic weather will return next week as heavy rain and gales sweep in from the Atlantic.

After a nationwide split brought the coldest weather to the south the whole country will feel winter bite this weekend.

Temperatures are forecast to be around zero overnight with a risk of frost and patchy fog while Saturday's daytime highs struggle to get into high single figures. There will be patchy rain in the west and southwest.

Sunday will remain cold and bring a chance of gales along the coasts.



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