Saturday 10 December 2016

David Cameroon Predicts The Future Of The EU


David Cameron has blamed 'populism' for his humiliating EU referendum defeat and warned the euro may not survive in his first major address since leaving Downing Street.

The former PM said he saw 'more trouble ahead' as people give voice to their dissatisfaction with the direction society has been going.

And although he said he did not think the EU would fall apart entirely, Mr Cameron made clear the single currency was in mortal danger.

The comments came as he spoke to students at DePauw University in Indiana as he begins a tour across the US.

It is not clear how much the ex-premier was paid for the address - but he received a fee of £120,000 for a private speech to Wall Street financiers last month.

Mr Cameron may need to rethink the content - as his decision to criticise the role of 'populism' in the referendum drew a backlash.



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