Thursday, 29 December 2016

Debbie Reynolds Dies Aged 84

Debbie Reynolds

Debbie was rushed to hospital on Wednesday morning after suffering a stroke – but her family later announced the Oscar-nominated star had died.

It comes after Star Wars legend Fisher died on Tuesday following a heart attack.

Debbie rose to fame as the female lead, Kathy Selden, in Singin' in the Rain alongside Gene Kelly.

It is understood the veteran entertainer was planning her daughter's' funeral at her son, Todd Fisher's, home in Beverly Hills, California, when she fell ill.

Todd revealed his mum shortly before suffering the stroke had said she missed Carrie and wished she could be with her.

He added: "It's true, she's with Carrie.

"She left very shortly after that and those were the last words she spoke."

In 2014, the Golden Globes nominated actress won the Screen Actors Guild Life Acheievemet Award.

Debbie was considered "Hollywood royalty" after starring in a number of films and musicals including The Unsinkable Molly Brown, The Singing Nun, How the West was Won, and Tammy and the Bachelor.

She was also nominated for five Golden Globe awards – including one for her self-titled TV comedy, The Debbie Reynolds Show.



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