Sunday 11 December 2016

Facebook Launches Personalised 'Year in Review' Videos


Facebook has started rolling out its "Year in Review" feature in the UK, allowing users to relive all their favourite memories from 2016.

Anyone who logs into their Facebook account from today will see a personalised video at the top of their News Feed, featuring a selection of highlights pulled from their page.

You can watch the video online, edit the contents if you so desire, and share it with family and friends on your Facebook Timeline.

The new feature comes as the social network reveals the most discussed topics on Facebook in the UK this year.

The vote to leave the European Union was named the biggest trend of the year in Facebook's Year in Review, with Donald Trump's victory in second place ahead of Euro 2016.

Reaction and discussion around David Bowie's death made the singer the fourth biggest trend, with another election - Sadiq Khan's as mayor of London - completing the top five.

How to watch

Facebook appears to be rolling out its Year in Review videos gradually, so if yours hasn't appeared in your News Feed yet, don't panic. It will turn up eventually.

When your video is ready, you will get a notification from Facebook. Clicking on the notification will take you straight through to your video.

Alternatively, you can see the video by typing "year in review" into the search bar, or going directing to the Year in Review page.



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