Thursday 15 December 2016

Facebook Messenger Will Let You To Send Monies

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger may be about to get a whole lot more valuable for British users.

The online chat app is now closer to allowing users to send money to each other using the service in the UK for the first time.

Messenger currently has over a billion users worldwide, making it one of Facebook's most lucrative products.

The news comes after Facebook was granted an e-money licence by the Central Bank of Ireland.

This licence allows the company to build users payments into Messenger across Europe, including the UK, thanks to the country being part of the EU.

Previously, Messenger users with iOS or Android devices could only send money via the app in the US following a launch last year.

Users can link their existing Visa or Mastercard account to allow them to quickly send money to their Facebook contacts.

Facebook has now confirmed that it is planning to launch its peer-to-peer payments service in Europe, telling TechCrunch that, "The licence enables us to roll out products like charitable donations on Facebook or peer-to-peer payments via Messenger in Europe, as we have in the US."

"The licence authorises FBPIL [Facebook Payments International Ltd] to issue donations from Facebook users to charities registered in the European Economic Area (EEA) only; and peer-to-peer payments, within the EEA."

To use the service, users need to click on a dollar sign symbol in a Facebook Messenger chat window, alongside the icons for sending photos or emojis. After entering the amount they wish to send, users select the pay option and then add in their card details to transfer the money.

To receive money, users just need to enable their account by selecting the ‘Add Card’ option in a chat window, then entering their card details to register.

Money is sent straight away, but may take between one to three days to clear depending on your bank, just like a typical deposit.

Users can also create a PIN to provide additional security, and iOS device customers can also enable Touch ID for authorisation.

The news is the latest improvement to Messenger introduced by Facebook in recent months.

The app now allows users to play a number of classic video games within the service, with more than 15 games, including Pac-Man, Space Invaders and Track and Field, with more titles expected to arrive soon.

Facebook also launches a stripped-back new version of its Messenger app, dubbed Messenger Lite, that will work on older Android smartphones with less memory and less powerful processors.

The slimmed-down Messenger Lite will also work in markets with slower than average internet speeds.



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