Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Frequent Pubic Hair Removal Possibly Linked To STIs


The trend to be soft, supple and hair free, especially in more delicate areas, has grown massively over recent years.

But in a world where fashion, body image and grooming are king, there is a concern we could be doing some damage.

According to the research, those who frequently remove their pubic hair are associated with an 80 per cent higher risk of having an STI.

Charles Osterberg, from the Dell Medical School at the University of Texas, was the lead author on the study and said both men and women reported "alarming" rates of grooming.

"Over time our perceptions of what it means to be attractive and/or masculine and/or feminine have changed and what it means to be normal has shifted, largely thanks to our perceptions from the media," he said.

"Eighty per cent of women report grooming and over 50 per cent of men report a history of grooming.

"After we adjusted for age and number of sexual partners, what we found is that those people who groom frequently, as well as those people who remove their pubic hair on average 11 times per year, these individuals are at a 3.5-to-4-fold increase risk of a history of sexually transmitted infections."

The STIs included herpes and the human papilloma virus.



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