Wednesday 7 December 2016

Has Your Dailymotion Account Been Affected?


Millions of users of Dailymotion have had their details leaked online after the website was targeted by hackers.

In an attack on the French video sharing website, hackers managed to gain access to more than 85 million records, including emails and usernames.

The site has acknowledged the security breach on its global users and is advising users to reset their security details.

According to LeakedSource, around a fifth of the accounts had passwords associated with them, accounting for 18.3 million users.

‘It has come to our attention that a potential security risk, coming from outside Dailymotion may have comprised the passwords for a certain number of accounts,’ reads a statement on the website’s blog.

It adds: ‘The hack appears to be limited, and no personal data has been comprised.

Tech website ZWNet claims to have verified data from the hack, testing email addresses.

It claims that in one example 'the email address and password combination were unique to Dailymotion, suggesting that the data could only have come from the video-sharing site'.



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