Saturday, 31 December 2016

Homeless Man Who Found Stranger’s £200 Shopping Returns It After Tracking Him Down


A homeless man has been rewarded with various job offers and donations after he returned £200 worth of shopping back to the owner.

The man, known only as Gary who is a chef, found an expensive suit along with other items in a phonebox on Friday night.

Despite being in desperate need of medical attention after he was beaten up by thugs weeks earlier, Gary rang the Liverpool store – Greenwoods Menswear – to try and find the person it belonged to.

Les, store manager of Greenwoods, told The Mirror: “A homeless chap rang the store saying he had found someone’s shopping. Usually, we have no way of knowing who the owner is but the lad’s friend had left his number as he’d enquired about part-time work.

“We rang Gary back and we said we would ring this chap’s friend. He then met the owner of the suit to give it back to him personally.”

He could have sold the suit and made some money but Gary was determined to return it to the rightful owner.

After being reunited with his items, Lewis Roberts, shared the story on Facebook and praised what Gary did.

He wrote: “This man, Gary found my shopping I had left in Liverpool last night and got in touch with the store to get it back to me.

“He’s also a chef if anyone knows where he can find employment. As despite being homeless he still returned my items which could have easily been sold on.”

Gary gave his reasons for returning the suit as “the guy bought that suit for a reason – for a wedding, a funeral, a party”.

He is adamant what he did was “nothing special” but was the right thing to do.

A fundraising page was set up for Gary and support has flooded in for the man.

Despite all the offers of help however and donations of more than £2,000, Gary is still finding it hard to get accommodation.



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