Wednesday 14 December 2016

HSBC Closed A Quarter Of Its Branches


HSBC has closed more than a quarter of its UK branches over the last two years, as part of 1,000 bank closures in total, latest research by Which.

The consumer organisation says that HSBC closed 321 branches since January 2015, or 27% of its network.

The much smaller Co-operative Bank has closed more than half of its branches over the same period.

HSBC said most customers now bank via the internet or on smartphones.

However, Which? said that while 56% of adults used online banking last year, there are still 20 million adults who don't - or can't - use it.

Many of those have a poor broadband connection.

Indeed, the areas most affected by closures - South West England, Wales and Scotland - are predominantly rural and often with unreliable connectivity.

Lloyds has already announced that it plans to speed up its closure programme in 2017, closing about 200 branches.



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