Wednesday 7 December 2016

Instagram Makes Major Updates To Comments And Privacy Options


In a blog post published on December 6, Instagram announced the arrival of some welcome new features to its Commenting and Privacy options.

For the third time this quarter, Instagram is rolling out a new round of features designed to improve user security and reduce online harrassment. Updates include the ability to turn off comments on specific posts, remove private account followers and anonymously report Instagrammers whose posts imply self-injury.

The former is perhaps the most significant improvement for the global Instagram community, with users no longer obliged to shut down their account entirely if a comment thread spirals out of control - a situation celebrities and public figures often find themselves in. To access this new option after updating the app, simply click on "Advanced Settings" before posting and select "Turn Off Commenting." Commenting can be turned on again at any point by clicking the "..." option.



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